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For over 100 years, Westinghouse has built a worldwide brand that stands for quality, innovation and creativity. Today, the Westinghouse brand appears in over 100 countries around the world and includes home products from light bulbs to appliances.

The history of Westinghouse began in the 19th century, and the legacy of George Westinghouse still continues today. Westinghouse is responsible for improving the quality of life for millions.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, George Westinghouse continuously looked for ways to make technology better, faster, and more efficient. And because of his passion and insight, the world enjoys many modern conveniences today. From the first automatic electric kitchen range of 1917, and the first self-defrosting refrigerator in 1950, to the lunar camera that enabled millions to watch Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, Westinghouse innovation was there.

Westinghouse air conditioning products are backed by some of the best warranties.

We use a manufacturing process unique to the cooling industry. While most manufacturers test their products at random, we test each and every product we manufacture.

Today, we offer a wide variety of air conditioning products and your Westinghouse dealer can recommend a system to meet your budget and comfort needs.


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